The equipment is nearly complete made for a width of 3 metres and is usable very flexibly. Rolling, monitoring, winding, doubling, splitting, burning out, etc. are common techniques, which are offered in due consideration of quality - and performance requirements. By means of 3 premium lasers for cutting edges we are able to handle an enormous quantity rapidly.


On 18 tables with a length of 12 metres each and an unit of 3 stages to process material of 3 metres breadth, our long-time trained employees are able to spray any requested kind of graphics by perfect handicraft. The colour blend is implemented with particular colours on the premises.


2 finishing frames (Stentex and Brückner) with more than 3 metres work space, Malo adjusting devices, Foulard’s pre-dryer and an integrated washing machine (Küsters) enable us to handle large capacities in a three-shift operation. Light coatings and colourings are also possible.

Special realms:


Having 2 cutting machines (Calmard), we have the ability to cut with both ultrasound and glow wire.


We have a 1.5 metres broad thermo-kalander available, which is to print on textiles and printing paper; it is on hand for coatings of all kinds.

Motif print:

Apart from hand presses for simple uses, there is also a Kontinue-Aggregat with a breadth of 3 metres for intensive uses.


It is the sophisticated equipment, even for very specific uses, as well as an experienced team of highly specialised sewers that facilitate the processing from almost all textiles to heavy materials like leather.
A highly efficient coupon unwinding ascertains the delivery of large quantities of coupons within 24 hours.


We are capable of delivering almost all quantities on time due to a highly efficient logistics, an advanced packaging department, and an DPD linking to our customers.